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Travel Greece, Travel Europe is published by Elena Sergeeva, an ardent traveller and hospitality professional with an extensive travelling experience and valuable insight when it comes to reviewing and evaluating destinations and hospitality services. From a young age Elena was curious about hospitality. Captivated by the magic of travel she embarked on a journey of developing her professional skills and pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. Having received her Master’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, Elena has stayed true to her passions, committed to lifelong learning she hopes that her own journey will inspire others to reach for the stars. 

Constantly in search of new untravelled paths, Elena has a vested interest and strong desire to reveal places that have their own unique and special story to tell. She seeks to provide personal opinions regarding popular destinations, often offering an entirely different vantage point of a place that although having received a lot of attention, still has things to see & do that remain unexplored by the crowds.

Tread this earth lightly, spread kindness and commit to preserving local culture & traditions. Above all when you travel, make it your mission to connect to the destination and its people.

Mani Peloponnese

Explore the timeless beauty of the Peloponnese, where ancient history and stunning landscapes merge in perfect harmony.

Wander through picturesque villages with cobblestone streets, vibrant bougainvillea-clad houses, and welcoming locals. Whether it’s the seaside charm of Nafplio or the medieval allure of Monemvasia, these quaint spots will steal your heart.

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