in fuerteventura: the fortune of fuerteventura

I love the island’s name: Fuerteventura.  Like other fantastic Spanish words it just rolls of your tongue. For me, the word is simply fun to say.

In preparation for my trip to the Canary Island, I wanted to know where that name came from.  I found out it wasn’t a simple answer.  Soon after I arrived discovered its meaning has much to do with this special island’s unique characteristics.


A feature story and travel guide about my trip to Fuerteventura can be found on Urban Travel Blog.

I can’t say enough good things about my incredible and hospitable stay at the Hotel Elba Palace Golf as well which has one of the best golf courses in Spain. The locals I met there were so warm, friendly and beaming with pride when I asked anything about their lovely island.

Check it out!

“With its volcanic, rugged terrain surrounded by breathtaking beaches, a Spanish island located just off the coast of Saharan Africa earned the name Fuerteventura. It takes on three different meanings in Spanish: strong adventure, strong fortune and strong wind. With all that in mind, I went with high expectations….”

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