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Enchanting Chalki Village

Chalki village in Naxos is one of my favorite island villages in Greece so far.  I visited for one afternoon and left impressed by its beauty, the kindness of the residents and the great stories behind the small businesses that make up the charming historic town.

Chalki Village in Naxos

I snapped this photo as I strolled down one of the first stone pathways upon entering the village. The way the warm summer sun lit the path and colorful bougainvillea simply enchanted.  It was one of those travel moments where you just had to stop and appreciate the beauty around you.

One of my favorite photos in Greece is from Chalki.

The Shops of Chalki Village

Chalki was lined with well-kept family run shops that boasted bright yet warm and inviting exteriors.  Many older buildings kept a rustic look, maintaining facades that seemed to tell a thousand stories. I felt like I was on a movie set.


Oporopantopoleion in Chalki village.
Oporopantopoleion. Say that twice my non-Greek speaking friends!


It didn’t take long to walk around the village. There was one main lane. While in Chalki village you’ll find:

The Vallindra Kitron Distillery

The authentic Greek distillery has a long history on the island.  It produces the citron based alcoholic drink called kitron.  There was no entrance fee and you can even join in on a small tour that includes samples of the liqueur. Strong stuff! But tasty. It was worth a visit for insight into one of the natural products the island produces.

Kitron making in Naxos.


Maria Maraki’s sizable Greek loom takes center stage at this little shop.  I loved how the loom was positioned right at the street-facing window. She told me she has worked from that very spot for decades.  Find her own designs and creations inside including  table cloths, clothing and traditional embroideries.

Era Products

At this shop Giannis Mandenakis will tell you all about the sweet jams produced from organic Greek island fruits.  Sample then buy the locally made and packaged spoon sweets.

Phos Gallery

Photographer Dimitris Gavalas returned to Chalki after working in Athens to open his own gallery. Many of his prints are inspired by his surroundings in Naxos.

Fish and Olive Creations


The talented expat couple who helped revitalize the village in recent years run this beautiful  gallery and shop inspired by their superb artistic sense. Potter Katharina Bolesch and the jewelry designer Alexander Reichardt now call Halki home and showcase amazing collections of art, sculpture, pottery and jewelry.


For more about where to stay, what to do and where to eat on Naxos, check out my mini-guide about Naxos island on this blog.

Have you ever been to the enchanting villages of Naxos?

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