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Athens Bespoke Bartending: The Clumsies

The Clumsies is the hottest new bar in Athens. I got to check out why. For me, it was all about their secret room and the bespoke bartending experience.

The Clumsies: A New Bar in Athens

Donning a leather apron and a serious look, the award-winning Greek bartender and co-owner of the Clumsies, Nikos Bakoulis, approached us with a bottle of Santorini white. We were ready.

Along with fellow bloggers, I got an idea of the great run down of the offerings from the wine, cocktail and food menu.   I sampled the select spread of rich Greek cheeses and hard rusk breads — all delicious. Nikos then presented us with a wonderful meat plate to go along with a red Syrah from the Agios Chronos Avantis Estate.

Then, the real fun began. It was onto the — “the secret room”

The Secret Room: The Clumsies

I called it the secret room because it kind of was. It was away from the buzzing crowd, located on the second floor of the bar. It was a private set of rooms, one that can be rented for 100 euro for a party of ten for the night. What else? We got our own private bartender.

Complete with a pool table, stone walls, soft lights, a candle lit fireplace and wood furnishings I imagined it would be the perfect place for a fun poker night with the guys. Not that I do that, but I would if I did…

Bespoke Bartending in Athens

Nikos was our personal bartender for the rest of the evening. Little did I know, but we ended up gambling! It was all to figure out what would go in our drinks.  Nikos asked me what alcohol I preferred. I said, “Rum.”

He spun the roulette wheel, flipped a few cards, furrowed his brow and came up with Ron Zacapa rum-based cocktail called Magnetism.  There were magical ingredients in it. I’m sure.  One I heard was carob. It was definitely a unique taste and very tasty one at that.

We went around the table, and Nikos concocted other liquor creations with formulas living in his mind. That all happened after we chose a card from the deck and took a spin on the roulette.

Conclusion: The Clumsies

It was a totally unique experience to have my own bartender and play mind-boggling drink creating card games with him! So, if you are planning a private event in downtown Athens keep “the room” at the Clumsies in mind. It would be an option for a bespoke bartending experience and a great night out.

Otherwise, I must say the Clumsies is a great choice just to get a taste of Athens city center nightlife. Definitely one of the hot spots of downtown Athens.

The Clumsies
Praxitelous 30, Athens
Closest Metro: Syntagma or Monastiraki

Have you ever had a bespoke bartending experience?

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