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Scooter Tour of Athens

On a scooter tour of Athens, Scooterise offers a unique way of seeing the Greek capital.

Scooter Tour of Athens

Here’s a new way to check out the must-see sights of an ancient city: scoot around it.  Two brothers, Nikos and Kostas Sarafidis, brought an fun, innovative tour right into the heart of one of the oldest cities in the world.

On a Saturday morning I found myself on this scooter tour of Athens called the Scooterise Athens Highlights Tour. The Scooterise office was conveniently located near the Acropolis metro station, and there we got geared up with helmets and got out on a sidewalk for a lesson on how to use the electric scooters.

I can be, well, clumsy so take it from me when I say it was pretty easy to use and within minutes I felt totally fine using it. You can shift your weight easily on it to get yourself up little hills or make turns.

learning how to scoot
Learning how to scoot.

Scooters and Sights

In fact, the more I used my little scooter, the more fun it was!

We headed off and crossed over the main road to get to Hadrian’s Arch which is the remains of a marble structure dating back to the second century.  Just one of many beautiful landmarks that, as a local, I just pass on by in the every day grind. So, scooting to and stopping under it to take a group picture was pretty neat.

scooter tour
Getting acquainted with the city by scooter.

We beelined it over to the Zappeio where there was ample space to scoot about.  Next, we stopped to see the evzones in front of the presidential mansion.

We made it over to the first modern Olympic stadium, called Kalimarmaro, then back toward Syntagma Square and Parliament, then down busy Ermou street (known for shopping) and scooted on into the winding streets of the Monastiraki district to return to home base in the Acropolis area.

Athen City Pass

TBG scooterise tour
At the Olympic Stadium


evzones scooterise
Evzones along the way


Scooter Tour of Athens
Scooters in the park.


Scooter Tour of Athens Conclusion

My favorite part of thetour?  I enjoyed zipping past the pedestrians in Monastiraki and Plaka. I was much taller than the crowds, so I had a new perspective. I could see lots activity around me.  I found it to be a great way to get a layout of the core center of Athens.

Finally, the tour offered me an opportunity to get reacquainted with the fantastic landmarks that I never take time to appreciate.  For a first-timer to Athens, you’ll see the major highlights you need to more quickly than if you were to hoof it on foot.

If you’ve got kids with you they can ride up front – two to a scooter – with the tour guide.  Scooterise offers discounts for families. I can also imagine it is great activity for a team building event if you’ve got a conference or group event visiting Athens.


with elena sccoting
Peace out! Scoot!


So, if you’re looking for an alternative way to see Athens — think of hopping on a scooter and zipping around town. You can book the tour here.

Have you ever gone on a scooter tour in a major city?




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