Top Three Cycladic Island Beaches

My top three Cycladic island beaches are simply heavenly. I could spend all day at them.  

My Top Three Cycladic Island Beaches

The Cycladic islands are the famous Greek islands dotted with whitewashed cubist homes that make a beautiful contrast against a rocky landscape and a turquoise sea.

There are many islands in the Cyclades. You’ll probably recognize the names of two which are the most visited in all of Greece: Santorini and Mykonos.

As for my top three Cycladic island beaches, they fall into the categories of what I think comprises of a beautiful beach experience.  I’m talking about clear water, calm atmosphere (no big party), sandy or very tiny pebbles and an overall relaxing environment. A rentable beach lounge bed is a plus, but not necessary. Gosh, is it summer yet?

1.  Psili Ammos Beach in Serifos

Ahh, Serifos. This quiet Cycladic island is ringed with beaches that have hardly been touched by commercialization. No beach bar action here. There are many pretty beaches in Serifos but Psili Ammos is my favorite. In Greek, psili ammos means fine sand.  That’s what it is — a fine sand beach.


This beach also features shady trees, two little Greek taverns and very clear (and shallow) turquoise waters. In the thick of summer, the water is super warm like a calm bath. Here’s an earlier post all about this great beach.

2. Prassa Beach, Kimolos

Second on my list of top Cycladic island beaches is a beach in quiet Kimolos


Kimolos is a sleepy but beautiful little island with many picturesque beaches encircling it.  Prassa, however, is absolutely stunning. For more on the best beaches of Kimolos check out this post.

Just take a look at this shade of blue…

3.  Firiplaka Beach, Milos

I have to include this stunner of a beach in my top Cycladic island beaches list. It is called Firiplaka beach in Milos.

Here’s a blog post I published earlier about my experience on Firiplaka


The sea is super clear and the environment is very scenic and peaceful.  A few of these massive rocks tower the sandy beach, giving Firiplaka some interesting character.  Beach loungers are available for rent.  There’s also a summer cantina for cold drinks and iced coffee.

In general, Milos is a great Cycladic island to visit if you are a beach lover.

Honorary Top Cycladic Island Beaches

I’ll give the island of Mykonos an honorary shout out because, for all its fame, it lives up to its reputation for having gorgeous beaches. Check out my post on the best beaches of Mykonos here.

So, that rounds out my top Cycladic island beaches — up to this point. It could change this summer!  Do you have any to add to my list? I’d love to hear about it.

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