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Grace Mykonos Hotel

When I think of my Grace Mykonos hotel experience I recall the pristine white traditional architecture that was simple and graceful.  If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Mykonos with a traditional touch this may be the one for you.

Grace Mykonos Hotel

Visitors love Mykonos for so many things including great nightlife,  endless restaurant choices, idyllic beaches and a taste of Greek island culture.

North of the main town called chora, where much of the action takes place, is the district of Agios Stefanos or St. Steven. There you’ll find a pretty beach, popular with families. Above the beach and off the road, slightly hidden, is the Grace Mykonos.

Having traveled throughout the Cycladic islands, I am familiar with the variations that touristic businesses have adopted to keep with island style traditions.  The clean lines and bright whitewashed walls can be architected in many creative ways.

Grace Mykonos Design

The Grace Mykonos accomplishes that beautifully: simple and minimalist yet elegant. Many of the rooms are complete with a private balcony that overlooked the namesake beach of the area.

The Location of the Grace Mykonos Hotel

The plus of the this hotel is its location by the sea.  It’s also close enough to the busy bustle of the island’s main town (you will want to explore) yet away from it.  The beach is within walking distance as well.

The property boasts a spa, relaxing lounging areas, shops, a little gym (if there’s a treadmill I am happy) and a rooftop pool. At the pool, the restaurant serves gourmet Mediterranean cuisines.

In the morning, a very delicious breakfast service is available.  Service is excellent.

Bespoke by Grace

Another characteristic of the Grace experience is the Bespoke by Grace program. The concept, originally launched in 2011 enables Grace guests to personalize many aspects of their stay before arrival. Bespoke by Grace experiences can be created and curated for guests before and during their stay to match their specific preferences.

Bespoke includes destination experiences such as tours and local trips that can be booked in advance.  It also includes how your room will be set up.  For example, you can choose how firm or soft of a pillow you want for your bed and what type of shampoo aroma you would prefer. Those little details would all be ready upon arrival.

Flowers and a sea view.


If you are looking for a boutique hotel that is in tune with local culture and faces the sea you will definitely want to consider Grace Mykonos. The Bespoke by Grace program is a really unique touch that guests appreciate.

The Grace Mykonos is located near the beach, the family-friendly Agios Stefanos beach.  It is a short drive from main town of Mykonos.  Since it is a short drive from the main town that equates to quiet.

I think it lives up to its reputation of providing great service in a special environment.  The rooftop pool is very relaxing and it has a nice little restaurant.

Stay at the Grace Mykonos Hotel

I highly recommend booking your stay in Mykonos well in advance as it is one of the most popular Greek islands to holiday at.  You can check your dates and book the Grace Mykonos by clicking here.
 Have you stayed at the Grace Mykonos hotel or near the beaches in Mykonos? What was your experience?

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