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Montanema Handmade Village: Luxury Mountain Getaway

Looking for a luxury mountain getaway in Greece? The Montanema Handmade Village is hidden in the lush, green velvet depths of the Pindos Mountains.

Luxury Mountain Getaway in Greece

At Montanema Handmade Village there aren’t any beaches or a view of the sea.  There isn’t one palm tree either.  It’s an experience that revolves around fresh mountain air, sparkling lake views, hearty Greek cuisine and charming rural villages.

The name, Montanema Handmade Village,  says a lot.  Let’s take it apart.

Mont – French for mountain.

Anema – Greek for air.

Handmade – Many of the hotel’s details are handmade. The food is homemade.

Village – It’s a series of bungalows tucked in the mountains much like Greece’s traditional villages.

What is in its name is exactly what you’ll discover and more.

The owners dreamed up the village 15 years ago when they made a wrong turn during a hike.  The views they encountered before them inspired and convinced them that the special “undiscovered” point in the Pindos Mountain range they stumbled upon was worth sharing with the world.

Their dream came true last year when it opened for business.

how to get to the montanema handmade village

the montanema handmade village is tucked in teh woods

montanema handmade village

Luxury Mountain Getaway: Location

The luxury mountain getaway’s rural location is about a 40 minute drive from Karditsa, a small city in central Greece. As you approach it, the elevation rises and the road changes to a dirt path that eventually opens up to the terracotta roofs of several stone buildings built the village’s main square, where the restaurant, bar/café and pool are centrally located among the village suites.

a warm restaurant on premises called fournia
Fournia restaurant


the cafe bar at montanema handmade village
The cafe bar


love this wall of old keys!
Details in the lobby are fantastic!


pool with a mountain view
Pool with a mountain view



The Layout of the Village

Planned like a village, the 33 cottage-like rooms are connected by cobbled and pebbled pathways and wooden staircases. Montanema boasts an eco-friendly, bio-climatic architectural design. It’s also just relaxing. Imagine that waterfalls line some pathways, reflecting the hiking path experience of the region.

montanema handmade village
montanema handmade village is lined with little waterfalls

Eating Well

The on-site Fournia restaurant is  stocked with a wood fire oven. The staff is in the business of local cooking only using in-season food products — all locally sourced.

fournia restaurant fourno or oven
fournia restaurant fourno or oven


Breakfast is a welcoming buffet including a series of sweet homemade jams, fresh squeezed orange juice, local Greek savory pitas, freshly cooked eggs and fresh bread.

Lunch and dinner menus feature local specialties like slow cooked pork with sauce and baked potatoes with olive oil.

local meat and potato dish
Local specialties from central Greece


local spinach and cornflour pitas
Local spinach and corn flour pitas


The Cottages: Luxury Mountain Getaway Style

Each accommodation is different in details in design but all true reflections of the mountain landscape.  What remains the same is a comfortable bed, vaulted wood-beamed ceilings, open-air balconies with refreshing mountain views and a stocked kitchenette area.

Every suite has a fireplace (with ample wood storage outside). Only a small and incredibly cozy small suite has a hot wood stove.

Soon, the venue will be featuring a spa and conference center where an event space faces out into the mountain views.

comfortable beds
Amazingly comfortable beds


the smallest suite is cozy
The smallest suite is super cozy and starts at 100 euro a night


Creative details simply add to the authentic luxury experience.  Check out these amazing stone walls where elements of nature are layered in.

love the wall details

details in the walls

I love how Montanema even sources someone locally to supply homemade shower gel, shampoo and soap.

handmade soaps, lotion and shampoo
handmade soaps, lotion and shampoo


unique details

flowers in the village
Love this kind of nature?

Activities in Central Greece

If you love the great outdoors, the luxury mountain getaway is a perfect starting point to discover what central Greece has to offer.

I posted earlier this week about horseback riding right on the northern end of Lake Plastiras.  It’s just a 20 mintue drive away.  The trails to go hiking start right from the village.   Farm-to-table food tours offer insight into the local life and food culture of Thessaly region.

Montanema Handmade Village
Rates 100 – 300 Euro
Double Room is 120 – 160
Breakfast included.
Anthohori, Mouzaki, Karditsa 43060
Tel. 24450 45220

Value for money. Close to nature adventures and activities.  Authentic atmosphere. On-site restaurant. Great service. Breathtaking views.

Not easily accessible via public transport. Best for car drivers.

Best For
Romantic getaways. Family excursions. Adventure and nature lovers.

Have you ever been to Thessaly’s mountainous regions to visit? I’d love to hear about it! Not many people know this side of Greece.

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