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Grecotel Cape Sounio Resort Luxury

Set on an amazing property on the Athenian Riviera, the Grecotel Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort offered a spectacular view of an ancient temple and a private beach.

Exceptional Hotel Location on Cape Sounio

The Temple of Poseidon draws your attention when it is within view.  The marble columns, built at the time of the Athens Acropolis, are perched on a rocky headland that juts dramatically over the sea.  Constant access to that ancient view is part of a unique experience the  Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort offers.

Grecotel Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort Luxury

I arrived at the resort with my visiting relatives from the States in tow, eager to show off the sea-facing side to Athens. I had been to Cape Sounio, 70 km south of the capital over the years but never stayed overnight. For Athenians, the area is a great getaway location. It’s just an hour or so drive from the city but feels so far, almost like you’re on a Greek island.  The drive there is always a picturesque journey that flies by the gorgeous coastline where Athenian Riviera beaches sparkle and the outdoor cafes and restaurants spring alive with summer energy.

We entered our family suite to a table decorated with a welcome package of Greek wine, fresh cut fruit and colorful little desserts.


The Space at Grecotel Cape Sounio

The spacious suite seemed more like a villa.  There was a large seating room, a dining area that opened up to a small garden with several sunbeds.  The overall design of the suite was styled in a contemporary neutral-tone and details laced with traditional touches.

The master bedroom featured a king-size bed.  A second bedroom featured two beds, perfect for children. The one bathroom featured a great waterfall shower, marble accents and eau de Grèce toiletries.  



Grecotel Cape Sounio View

We all agreed one of the best features was the view of the ancient temple dedicated to the god of the sea.


Private Beach and Gorgeous Pools

The resort also boasted its own private beach easily accessible via a small underground tunnel. At the beach the views just got better. There were several pools on the property.  I had the chance to wade in a heated relaxation pool. Bliss.


Buffets at the Grecotel Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort

The rainy weather forced us indoors during the days of our stay and much of that time — we feasted.

The dinner buffet was a wide selection of Greek and international dishes with a full dessert bar.  The breakfast buffet featured selections of eggs, fresh bread and homemade jams that Greeks make so well.  The Grecotel Cape Sounio had other top-rated restaurants on premises including one by the beach and a grill by the pool.

Excursion to the Temple of Poseidon

The day we checked out we decided to see the temple up close.  The resort is just a five-minute drive away from the ancient ruins.  I highly recommend heading to the them when the sun sets over the sea. The temple has a great energy and the way the columns contrast with a dramatic sky is a beautiful spectacle, one that continues to attract Athenians to Cape Sounio as a popular day excursion.



The Grecotel Cape Sounio is a well-appointed five-star luxury resort. They do everything well. Great for families. Great for anyone who wants to get away to a convenient location that has it all – great food, a private beach, a spa, an amazing view and luxury accommodation.

Check availability and book your stay at Cape Sounio Grecotel by clicking here.


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