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Sailing Around Milos

Sailing around Milos was one of the best summer memories I’ve had in my travels across the Cyclades. It turned out to be the best way to see the beautiful sights of the island that are only accessible by boat.

Catamaran Sailing Around Milos

I learned the best sights of Milos were only reachable via boat, so I decided I wasn’t going to miss out on any of it. I brushed aside the fact that I tend to get seasick easily.  Thing is, I was determined to see Kleftiko, a gorgeous swimming spot of white towering rocks that can only be reached by sea.  I decided I would take a captain friend’s advice and opt for a catamaran tour.  He explained they were more stable and engineered for a smoother ride.

kleftiko in milos island greece
To get to Kleftiko, you need to boat it.

Choosing a Sailboat in Milos

There were many companies advertising their tours all along Milos’ busy Adamas port. We scooted past the large selection of typical boats and booked a tour with the Chrysovalandou’s catamaran.  The next morning, we joined about a dozen others. Soon enough I had a feeling we made the right choice. I noticed the other boats sailing off next to us were brimming with double or even triple the passengers — and had no shade.

Captain Nikos and the crew introduced themselves. Everyone seemed super friendly. We were off…

Highlights Sailing Around Milos

Klima Village

We breezed by the scenic beauty of Klima. It was unique fishing village set on coastline of the island and only accessible by boat. Many of the houses were carved into the rocks. Others featured  brightly colored doors.  The locals waved as we swept on by – and one pappou expressed his happy hello with a blow horn!

sailing around milos
Klima, a unique fishing village.

Arkoudes in the Sea

Arkoudes is the Greek word for bears and the chosen name for  a huge complex of rocks that jutted out in the sea. I guess they pretty much looked like bear rocks — or rabbit rocks.  Hmmm.

sailing around milos
Arkoudes rocks.

 Sailing in Milos. (2)


Perfectly Clear Sea in Milos

The catamaran made a few stops for swimming time.  Yeah, the water wasn’t bad… 😉


Kleftiko / Bandit’s Lair

Next, the towering white rocks of Kleftiko appeared in the distance. The sight I was waiting for. Everyone around me, including myself, hummed a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs” as we approached the amazing white rock formations in the sea.  We learned the huge pretty rocks used to be an old hideout for pirates which coined its English name Bandit’s Lair.

Sailing around mIlos
Exploring the sea at Kleftiko


Preparing Lunch at Sikia Cave

Captain Nikos’ crew drew down a smaller boat to shuttle our group to this absolutely picturesque little cave called Sikia.  With prepared everything together through teamwork.  The catamaran crew brought fresh food packed in coolers — very organized. We all pitched in to make Greek salad, toasted bread with olive oil and grilled fish.



Another boat group looked at us in envy as they munched on ready made sandwiches. Oh, and we even grilled all of that octopus caught along the way, including the ones Stefanos caught with his hands in Kleftiko.

Sailing Back to Adamas Port

After our great meal we headed back.  As the sun set we all settled on comfy spots around the catamaran to enjoy the views of Milos’ landscape and feel the wind in our hair.

I had no sea sickness, just great memories of Milos. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Milos sailing trip mygreecemytravels (9)
An amazing day sailing around Milos


Conclusion: Sailing Around Milos

The day trip with Chrysovalandou was definitely great value for money. It was ideal for families, couples and groups. The whole catamaran crew was so hospitable. I felt like our sailing around Milos experience topped the other boating excursions from what I could observe. We had a lot of space, shade, snacks and a great big freshly cooked lunch.

In fact, preparing lunch together to make fresh salad, grilled fish and toasted bread was also an unexpected highlight.  The cave we all lunched at was simply beautiful and I loved the teamwork!  I can’t say enough about how stunning Kleftiko was to see up close.  The swimming coves were so beautiful to experience too.

How to Get to Milos

Fly: Olympic Air and Aegean fly from Athens International Airport. The flight takes 30 minutes. The cost starts at €60 one way.

Ferry:  Ferries to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus. Count on more choices of departure times in the summer.  The journey ranges from four to seven hours, depending on stops and ferry type.  The cost starts at €35 one way for slow ferries. Check www.openseas.gr for updated ferry schedules.

Chrysovalandou Sailing

Book in Adamas port or visit the website: www.sailcatgreece.com
From €70 per person, depending on the time of season.
Boat leaves in morning and returns in the evening.
Meals and snacks included. Lunch included.
For full details check out the Route 1 Adamas to Kleftiko itinerary.

Have you ever gone sailing around Milos island?

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