24 Hours in Budva Town

We had 24 hours in Budva town, one of the the most famous beach towns on the Montenegrin coast.   What to do?!

24 Hours in Budva Town

Admire the View

We dropped off our bags at our hotel located right behind Budva’s historic fortress.  We loved the view of the historic landmark from our balcony.

view of the walls from our room
View of the fortress walls from our room


budva is beautiful
Another balcony view from our room


a festival in town
A festival by the fortress and a view of the mountains.

Mogren Beach

First thing was first. We were eager to hit Mogren Beach, just a short walk way. It was so calming; I fell asleep pretty deeply on the sand.


a view from the beach
A view from the beach


24 hours in Budva town? You can experience Montenegro's summer.
24 hours in Budva town? You can experience Montenegro’s summer


a little dock in budva
Budva town dock into the sea


the sea in montenegro
The sea in Montenegro


view from the beach loungers
View from the beach loungers


Walk through the Old Town

Later that night we headed into the medieval walled city. Budva, also known as Stari Grad, dates back 2,500 years which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast.

I loved the narrow streets that crossed the inside of the fortress.  Little shops, restaurants and square with small cafes and churches lined the way.

pedestrian path
Pedestrian walkway stretches around the fortress in Budva


dusk in budva
Dusk in Budva


clocktower within the walls
Tower within the walls


Dinner in Old Town

We passed a charming little restaurant called Konoba and decided to try it out. It was fantastic.  We had a cheese plateand excellent wine. I ordered my favorite local dish, fish soup. There was even entertaining live music.

cheese please
Cheese, please!


fish soup yum
Montenegrin fish soup. Yum!


cute restaurant in budva old town
Konoba,  a nice restaurant in Budva’s old town


Budva Nightlife

We weren’t really dressed for a clubbin’ night out but we wanted to see what the famous beach party streets looked like. We headed to the street behind the walled town where a series of nightclubs were pumping with music but without much of crowd. It was still pre-summer season, around late May. It would be the place to go during the summer months for sure.

We ended up heading back into the fortress for a drink at a cute little outdoor bar.

bar view
A bar in a garden


Breakfast by the Beach

The next morning we opted for breakfast on the beach and one last swim before we had to drive back to Podgorica’s airport.

morning breakfast time
Morning on the beach


a view of the sea in the morning
A view of the sea in the morning


Even though it was a very short overnight stay, I really enjoyed what I saw of Budva. It was a beautiful little European town with lots of energy. I regretted that I didn’t get to see a lot of the surrounding beaches or nor did I get real taste of the nightlife. Before driving into Budva, I did experience Sveti Stefan which was absolutely breathtaking place.  So much on the list for next time!

Have you been to Budva? Any places you’d recommend I go next time I make it to Montenegro?




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