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Tour Cape Sounio and the Athens Riviera

Cape Sounio is a stunning place be at sunset.  The last stop on Experience Taxi’s tour of the Athens Riviera.

Cape Sounio Tour: On the Athens Riviera

Not many visitors know that Greece’s capital has a gorgeous beach resort community called the Athens Riviera. It’s a thirty minute drive away from the center of the city, and a world away. There you’ll find palm tree lined esplanades, idyllic beaches and seaside resorts.

Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me but I love living in the center with its typical city feel and urban charm. So, I don’t go to the coast too much. When I do, it’s always a pleasure to spend the day at the beaches or check out the summer season nightlife.

I know there are some gorgeous spots that tourists can discover. So, when Experience Taxi invited Travel Bloggers Greece to experience their tour of the city’s south, I was interested. Thomas Fetsis, our guide and driver, was excited to show us his definition of an authentic Athens Riviera experience on his Cape Sounio Tour which reaches the cape in time for its famous sunset.

Here’s where we went:

Vouliagmeni Lake

I have a thing with natural thermal springs.  I loved soaking in the natural baths in Kythnos island and Evia island. Well, Athens has such a resource too. It’s called Vouliagmeni Lake.

In Greek, vouliagmeni means sunken, and legend has it that a lost city fell into the deep lake which is bordered by a huge limestone cave. It is consistently filled with 24-degree Celsius spring water that boasts mineral properties proven to heal various skin problems, rheumatism and arthritis.  The lake is privately managed as a stylish resort.

Vouliagmeni Lake in Athens. Photo by mygreecemytravels (1)
Vouliagmeni Lake in Athens


Vouliagmeni Lake in Athens. Photo by mygreecemytravels (6)
Vouliagmeni Lake in Athens is a relaxing hidden gem in the capital


Athens Beach Scenes

We drove down the city’s scenic beach road, which borders on neighborhoods and resort towns like Glyfada and Anavissos, steps from the sea.  We stopped at the beautiful St. Nikolas beach, named for a charming little hilltop church.  Weeks before tourist season, our group had the place to ourselves!

St. Nikolas beach in the Athens Riviera.
St. Nikolas beach in the Athens Riviera


Athens Riviera Tour with Experience Taxi, Greece (2)

On the road toward Cape Sounio. Shot from the taxi ride.
On the road toward Cape Sounio. Shot from the taxi ride



Athenians head to Anavissos for two things: windsurfing and great seafood. It is also home to a variety of simple fish taverns with dining areas overlooking the sea.  I love going to Anavissos myself.  The beaches are always less crowded on this part of the riviera and the scenery is so Greek island. My favorite beach is there so when Thomas told us we’d make a stop there I looked forward to it and in the process discovered a local gem: an great Greek taverna.

Most people head to the Anavissos tavernas overlooking the sea, which is great, but Maria and Yanni of Ta Pefka ran an authentic kind of place that Greeks love to go to – kind of hidden, very non-touristic, great prices and excellent quality.

Travel Bloggers Greece with Experience Taxi at Ta Pefka.
Travel Bloggers Greece with Experience Taxi at Ta Pefka.

Athen City Pass

The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio

Cape Sounio is the southernmost tip of Athens, where the ancient Greeks built an inspiring temple in honor of the god of the sea, Poseidon.

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio. Sunset. Photo by mygreecemytravels (3)
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio. Sunset


I had been many times to the café in its shadow that boasts a beautiful view of it. It had been years since I had entered the actual archaeological site. The temple is literally perched high on the rocky headland jutting out over the Saronic Gulf. In ancient times, the gleaming marble columns of the Temple of Poseidon once welcomed the ancient Athenians home as they sailed back into the Aegean Sea. How poetic is that?

It was magical to see the colors at sunset. A great way to tie the tour together.

Cape Sounio. Temple of Poseidon.
Cape Sounio. Temple of Poseidon


The views from Cape Sounio stretched out to the Cycladic islands to the south and the Peloponnese to the west.

View from Cape Sounio at sunset.
View from Cape Sounio at sunset


The Conclusion: Experience Taxi Tours

Thomas did a great job of showing us his view of the Athens Riviera. We definitely hit the hot spots that are great for photos and for the unique Athens Riviera experience. He’s a true local that loves showing off his city.  The stop at La Pefka was a great traditional taverna experience in terms of food and hospitality.  I’ll definitely be going back there now that I”discovered” it. Timing the trip perfectly to reach Cape Sounio at sunset was a wonderful experience.

Travel Bloggers Greece and Experience Taxi.
Travel Bloggers Greece and Experience Taxi


Experience Taxi provided a large comfortable Mercedes van and a Mercedes taxi for the ride. We had access to WiFi, cell phone chargers and bottled water throughout the Cape Sounio Tour.


Experience Taxi Tours 
Here’s the link for the Cape Sounio Tour / from €35 per hour
The Experience Taxi team also provides transfers and other city tours and trips.

Ta Pefka Traditional Greek Taverna
Pefkonos 28
+30 2291 301402

*I was a guest of Experience Taxi Tours. As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever been to Cape Sounio or the Athens Riviera?



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  1. Will definitely try this taxi tour when in Greece.
    Anyway, I wonder if you are aware, we cannot see your feature photo in Reader. If it’s on purpose, never mind. ???

    1. Hey Angela, Thanks for the comments! Yes, it is a good tour to see a local’s perspective on the Athenian Riviera for sure. Thanks for letting me know about the feature photo… I’ll look into it. 😀

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