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Top Things to Do on Kimolos Island

The things to do on Kimolos island revolve around enjoying peace and quiet.  Think scenic walks, lovely calm beaches and poking around sleepy little villages.  Kimolos is perfect for the traveler looking for a glimpse of authentic Greek island life.

Top Things to Do on Kimolos Island

Located next to Milos island, Kimolos is one of the least touristic of the Cyclades.  It does get its share of tourists in the summer months. However, by September (when I came to visit) the island is pretty much emptied out of visitors.

If you are island hopping around the Cyclades, Kimolos is an interesting stop to consider. It’s a big contrast to cosmopolitan Mykonos, for example.  Kimolos island is the perfect little trip for someone seeking an off-the-beaten path destination in the Greek islands.

Here are some of the top things to do on Kimolos island.

Walk Around the Chorio

People from Kimolos refer to their main town as the chorio.  Other Cyclades call their main town chora.

The look of the chorio, a charming maze of stone paths, gleaming white churches with blue painted domes and row after row of white cubist homes, looks just like a main town in the neighboring islands.  Like other main villages, the chorio also boasts a centuries old castro or castle.  It’s hard to miss the castro’s aged crumbling walls.

chorio kimolos_mygreecemytravelsblog (21)
The chorio of Kimolos


The chorio also has an archaeological museum, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the island.

To check out my full post on the chorio experience click on my post Chorio of Kimolos.

See the Kimolos Windmills

Kimolos is home to a hilltop field of abandoned windmills.   Take a small hike up Xaplovouni Hill to reach this area. It once buzzed with a collective natural energy of the island: its wind.  You can  freely check out the remains of the windmills. Another plus? The view is simply incredible.

Check out my post Windmills of Kimolos  for more about what its like to explore the mills and why they are abandoned today.

Top Things to Do on Kimolos Island
An abandoned windmill with a view


Go to Goupa

A local friend told us a visit to Goupa would be one of the best things to do on Kimolos island. He was right.

Goupa is a small fishing village you can go to just walk around or take a swim in the tiny port.  It is lined with a few brightly painted boat garages that add to the village’s charm.

I wrote about just how enchanted I was exploring this cute little place in my earlier post:  Goupa Fishing Village in Kimolos.

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Hike the Trails of Kimolos

Hiking is considered one of the top things to do on Kimolos.  Since I ran out of time, it would certainly be on my agenda during my next visit.

There are many hiking trails. You can check them all out on the island’s website in detail at www.kimolos.gr.

From what I observed, the island’s landscape would certainly offer impressive views and fantastic hiking experiences.

Try the Local Food of Kimolos

One of the best things to do on Kimolos (like any Greek island) is eat!  The local specialty to try is called ladenia, which is a similar in taste and look to types of bruschetta or Italian flatbread. Ladenia is a slice of baked bread topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and delicious Greek olive oil.  The island refers to its savory cheese pies as tirenia.  While you’re at the bakery, also ask for elenia bread which is filled with olives.

During one of our walks, we got into a great conversation with a local beekeeper. He even offered some of his own honey on the spot!  I can say that the island has excellent honey.

Local honey from Kimolos. The raw kind…

Some local veggies that are particularly excellent on Kimolos island include small cucumbers, capers and tomato paste.

The local cheese, which is made from sour fresh skim milk, is called ksino.

Kimolos Beaches

Kimolos has stretches of pretty beaches.  Prassa is my favorite.  Its white sand and pebbly beach complements its amazing shades of turquoise sea.  The whole reason Prassa is so unique is because its sand was born of the island’s chalky landscape. In fact, Kimolos island produces loads of chalk.


If you are staying for some time, there are many beaches to choose from with different looks to them, too.  Check out my post titled Best Beaches of Kimolos Island for a full rundown.

Go to Uninhabited Polyaigos Isle

The days I was on Kimolos island the winds were rough which effected one of the top things to do on Kimolos.  No boats were going to Polyaigos, a small uninhabited island off the coast. I was told by locals that Polyaigos has incredible dreamlike beaches.

Check Out the Relaxed Nightlife on Kimolos

I think my heading says it all!  There really isn’t much nightlife in terms of booming clubs or fancy cocktail bars.  They wouldn’t fit in anyway.  There are some whitewashed atmospheric cafe bars to sit at. You’ll see kids playing in the streets late into the night as their parents or grandparents chat in the squares.

We walked around and ended up chatting with locals.  This nice fellow in the photo below (the beekeeper who offered us honey) even played his violin for us after we started talking about music.  The people of Kimolos are really friendly.

To sum it up, the best thing to do is just stroll around the chorio for a little drink, some dessert and take in the cool, calm and authentic vibe that Kimolos island offers.

How to Get to Kimolos:

You can take a ferry from the Athens port of  Piraeus to Kimolos. The journey typically lasts three to six hours depending on the speed of the boat.

Another option is to take a flight from Athens International Airport to the neighboring island of Milos and take a short ferryboat ride from there.

Kimolos is also connected with Paros, Santorini, Serifos and other Cycladic islands.

Have you ever been to Kimolos island?  Would you add anything to this list of things to do on Kimolos? Feel free to comment below!


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  1. Kimolos intended for relaxation but Polyaigos is for isolation. Both are worth while visiting an it is better to combine Kimolos, Polyaigos and Ios too.

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