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A British Afternoon Tea in Athens  

Fancy an afternoon tea in Athens? Believe it or not, sitting down to this British tradition has become somewhat of a local tradition in the capital of Greece. Here’s what it was like…

Afternoon Tea at the Grande Bretagne

Like most great food culture experiences in this world, I figured you can’t really enjoy this alone. Especially something known as a high tea or a British tea. So three girlfriends, Julia, Amina and Aurore – all expats in Athens – came along for the experience with me. A kali parea for a tea party.

I’ve had a few afternoon teas in my life. Definitely while I was in university studying in London and at a few trendy tea cafes back in the states. British social tea traditions can be “overwhelming” for Americans. I couldn’t recall the details except that I enjoyed the tasty little sandwiches, dainty plates and charming tea pots!

Amina, who lived in London for some time, knew the customs of the afternoon tea by heart. In fact, she suggested our meeting time be around four in the afternoon, when the British themselves have their tea.

Afternoon Tea in Athens Grande Bretagne mygreecemytravels (2)

The Afternoon Tea in Athens Setting

The Grande Bretagne’s Winter Garden City Lounge was a lovely place to dine. We were surrounded by its stately Greek columns, marble statues, period furniture, beautiful artwork and fresh flower arrangements. Like the hotel, the lounge offered an air of timeless Europe.

Afternoon Tea at Grande Bretagne_mygreecemytravels (1)

British Tea in Greece

After settling in, we choose from a diverse selection of loose teas from around the world.  They were served in the proper way.  A complete tea service was laid out before us including silver tea pots, beautiful porcelain cups and silverware.  The teas were served with milk and sugar.

Afternoon Tea at Grande Bretagne_mygreecemytravels (4)

The Tea Service Meal at the Grande Bretagne

Then came the spread of food typically served in an afternoon tea.

The bottom tier displayed the first course: savories.  They were an array of finger sandwiches include cucumber and egg mayonnaise.

I loved the warm scones on the second tier. Amina showed me the right way to spread the fresh jams and clotted cream.

The top tier cradled the final course of sweets, including adorable bite sized cakes and macarons.

Tea History

We learned the presence of scones, clotted cream and jam at afternoon tea specifically originates from the West Country (Devon and Cornwall) which is called a cream tea.

Afternoon Tea at Grande Bretagne_mygreecemytravels (2)

Afternoon teas are light meals, a custom that evolved from the wealthier classes of England in the 17th century.  By the end of the 19th century, both the upper and middle classes had afternoon teas. All proper British teas consist of the same spread of savories and sweets to enjoy.

The Experience

What makes the afternoon tea in Athens extra special is the fact it is a food tradition done well that isn’t Greek!  As an expat living here for seven years, I believe Greece does Mediterranean foods well. Greek food is amazing (of course) but other ethnic foods aren’t commonly found with excellent quality.

With that in mind, having a lovely afternoon tea in Athens, at one of the grandest hotels in Greece is an experience well-suited for those who want to mark a special day or a celebration. If every day is a celebration, it’s a great excuse to catch up with one’s friends in a lovely regal way.

In an oasis of European grace, the historic Grande Bretagne offers something unique in Greece — an authentic and classic British food culture experience.

Afternoon Tea at the Grande Bretagne

Grande Bretagne Hotel, Syntagma Square
Metro: Syntagma
Served every afternoon between 12:00 and 20:00
Prices start at €30 per person
*We were invited guests of the Grande Bretagne. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Have you ever had an afternoon tea anywhere besides the United Kingdom?


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  1. Poshy afternoon! I’ve always fancied to do a british afternoon tea, but never really had a chance when I was in London.

    The tea cups are so cute. And the tier for the finger foods feels like one is back in the old days. 🙂

  2. Looks like a very nice afternoon tea. I love scones with clotted cream, and I usually just load the scones with as much cream and butter I can get away with, but I’m curious to hear more about the right way to spread it?

    1. Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. Ha! Yes, my friend who lived in London says she learned that you need to spread an even amount of jam and clotted cream on top of the scone. First cream then jam. I don’t know if it’s really the right way?!

  3. Great article! I will definitely do this the next time I am in Athens. I will be in London next week and am planning to have afternoon tea at the British Museum.

  4. Although most men scoff at the idea of taking tea in the afternoon, women love this stuff and automatically consider men who enjoy it (or act as though they do) as being sophisticated, kind and considerate. Trust me guys; high tea is a hit with the ladies. Afternoon tea can also be used to offset your significant other’s demand to be taken dancing that evening, which always proves to be more expensive!

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