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Photo Tour: Milos Island

Visit Milos island and you’ll encounter one surreal and stunning landscape after another. Here’s a photo tour of some of the top sights you’ll encounter on this beautiful Greek isle.

Milos Island in Photos

Thanks to its volcanic origins, Milos island is rich with such interesting landscapes, wild rock formations and brilliant colors.  While I toured it I felt like I was planet hopping in outer space.

In Milos, I can say I’ve had one of the best sailing experiences in Greece. I also met some very picturesque beaches.

Milos sailing trip mygreecemytravels (9)

For all of you art lovers out there, the name of this island may ring a bell. It was where the iconic Venus de Milo came from. The beautiful ancient Greek sculpture now sits in the Louvre.

The Coastline of Milos

The most gorgeous landscapes are only accessible via boat. I highly recommend boating it around or hiring a boat for a day to see the beautiful natural sites that ring the island’s coastline.

I posted about my amazing catamaran tour and some boating options you can choose from in my article Sailing Around Milos.

Milos Island Photo Tour mygreecemytravels (5)
A group of friends enjoying the full-day catamaran tour around Milos island


Kleftiko in Milos

Kleftiko is a breathtaking natural creation, massive limestone rock formations that seem to rise out of the sea — a sight to behold! In English, it is called Bandit’s Lair.

Milos best things to do

Milos Island Photo Tour Kleftiko mygreecemytravels (10)

Arkoudes Rocks

Just look at these crazy sea rocks! You can play many animal shape games when you pass them on your boat tour around the island. In Greek, the name means bears.

the best things of Milos Greece

Milos Island Photo Tour mygreecemytravels (16)

Klima Fishing Village

Klima is a whitewashed fishing village on the coastline of the island. It is another destination accessible by boat.

Many of the houses were carved into the rocks.  I loved the colorful doors and shutters.

Milos Island Photo Tour Klima Village mygreecemytravels (12)

Milos  Island Beaches

Fly Me to the Moon… or Sarakiniko

There are also beaches that you can access by foot.  The must-see beach in my book is Sarakiniko. I felt like I was walking on the moon.

More on exploring this white rock beach in my earlier post Sarakiniko Beach in Milos.

Milos island.
Sarakiniko beach in Milos is carved out of white volcanic rock


the best beaches in Milos
A moon beach!


Firiplaka Beach

This beach was just sparkling. More on what it was like to relax on one of the prettiest beaches in Greece — according to Greeks — in my earlier post Firiplaka Beach in Milos.

This photo of Firiplaka remains one of my most prized pictures from a Greek island yet!

Tsigrado Beach

Right next to Firiplaka you’ll find the tiny Tsigrado Beach. I didn’t have a chance to go. I noticed folks were heading down to it via a rope! Turns out after walking down a slippery sand dune, you need to head down a wooden ladder, then climb down the cliff using a rope and finally a second ladder gets you to the little beach. All in a day’s work to get to Tsigrado!

Milos Island
Work your way down to Tsigrado Beach in Milos


Milos Island Photo Tour mygreecemytravels (1)
View near Tsigrado Beach in Milos


Other beautiful beaches that are highly recommended include Achivadolimni, Provatas, Triades and Paleochori.

Milos is Beautiful

Here are a few more photos to get you inspired to visit this Greek island.

Milos island
Doesn’t Firiplaka just sparkle?


How to Get to Milos Island

Fly: Olympic Air and Aegean fly from Athens International Airport. The flight takes 30 minutes. The cost starts at €60 one way.

Ferry:  Ferries to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus. Count on more choices of departure times in the summer.  The journey ranges from four to seven hours, depending on stops and ferry type.  The cost starts at €35 one way for slow ferries. Check www.openseas.gr for updated ferry schedules.

Have you ever visited Milos island? I would love to hear about your stay. Feel free to comment in the box below.

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  1. Again as beautiful as my first born , well almost. Lol. Loved Kilima. Thank you Marissa for the trip

  2. I had a jet ski when I was in Milos . I saw all of them and many others! Such a great island. Kleftiko ad arkoudes rocks were terrific by jet. Such outstanding clear waters.

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