Rooftop Hiking in Stockholm

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm was one of the most unique urban adventures I have experienced in my travels across Europe.  It all started with a bit of balance and snug safety harness… 

Rooftop Hiking in Stockholm

I didn’t know what to expect actually.  It sounded exciting. Would I have to hop adroitly from rooftop to rooftop like Spiderman or James Bond?  Surely, they’d warn us of such necessary skills first?!

Hop those Swedish rooftops!


So, figuring the Swedes are quite responsible keeping their visitors safe and coupled with the fact fellow a fellow travel journalist had survived without a scratch and recommended it very highly… I arrived to meet up with the Takvandring tour with no qualms.

I am not afraid of heights. I love European city views. And I was super curious to really know what hiking rooftops meant. I was ready to go.

Suiting Up for Rooftop Hiking

We were a small group, less than 10. After a short briefing with our tour guides, Aron and Eva, we were escorted to the top floor attic of a historic old parliament building complex on Riddarhomen island.  (Stockholm is comprised of many little islands.)

We each “suited up” in safety harnesses that were snug around the thighs and torso, strapped on snug fitting helmets and had the option of hanging a lanyard plastic case to secure our mobile phones for taking photos. No loose objects allowed — for obvious reasons. Forget selfie sticks.

Rooftop Views and Secure Doggies

Climbing up out of the attic, I was met with sweeping views of the Swedish capital. We were  exactly 43 meters (140 feet) above the street. Up on the platform, I observed quickly that the rooftop route was actually a narrow metal pathway built on top of the complex of buildings we were standing on.

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm offers super views of the capital


Our guides stressed the importance of the harness we each wore. It featured a sturdy tether that hung down. They referred to that tether as a “doggie” since it we were to hold it like we would a dog leash. We each snapped the doggie’s metal end into a slim metal cable that ran at ankle level along the entire walkway.

Hanging onto the doggie


Tugging on the “doggie” tightly not only gave a sense of security but should I slip there would be a way to hang on.

Could I have fallen off?

Well, there were no handrails. Yes, it looked steep – but we were reassured no accidents have happened yet and it wasn’t going to be on Aron or Eva’s watch.

So we started off walking – slowly – one after the other. Led by Aron and secured from behind by Eva.  We stopped during the route to gather around Aron. He explained points of city history as related to the colorful rooftops that met us at eye level. It turned out, the buildings of this historic city had many stories to reveal.

Rooftop hiking is especially recommended for history lovers!


Conclusion: Rooftop Hiking in Stockholm

I found it to be a unique way to meld a little city history with something as fun as hiking – on rooftops.  There were no Spiderman jumps but I wouldn’t recommend it for folks truly scared of heights.




Was it safe? Absolutely.  That’s the whole purpose of the doggie. At one point, I did clutch my doggie tight as we inched across a part of the trail that definitely boasted a dramatic rooftop drop compared to the rest of the route.   The howling wind at that moment didn’t help anyone’s rooftop balance security either.  However, it wasn’t alarming. There were some steps to hike up and down – slowly – to ensure balance.  But, overall, I found the experience quite easy and thrilling in its own way.

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm
Another group across the way on Riddarholmen island


Was it fun? Absolutely.  It’s a different kind of tour to experience. I think it is great for families, couples and singles.  When it’s done, you will have great photos, a unique perspective on the Swedish capital, fun Stockholm city facts to impress your friends back home and the thrill of saying you hiked the pretty rooftops of one of the loveliest European capitals.

Takvandring Sverige 
Rooftop Hiking Tours

From 595 SEK/€ 65

How to Get to Stockholm

There are direct flights from Athens on Aegean Air and SAS.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Stockholm Arlanda Airport is 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Stockholm.

The Arlanda express train is an eco-friendly option that speeds its way to/from the city center every 15 minutes (for most of the day). Travel time: 20 minutes.  One way from 150 SEK per person/15 Euro

I had the experience of taking one of the Flygbussarna Airport Coaches. They depart 10-15 minutes between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (located next to the Central Station). Travel time: 35-45 minutes.  One way from 120 SEK per person/12 Euro

What to Do in Stockholm

For more about Stockholm, visit my earlier post: 10 Things I Learned in Stockholm in 7 Days.

Are you a foodie? Check out my post:  Stockholm Food Tour: Culinary Sodermalm.

A great travel site to check is Visit Stockholm.

Also, I really found the Stockholm Pass to be a great travel resource. You gain entrance to the major sites for a discount rate. Find out more at: www.stockholmpass.com

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*My Greece, My Travels was a guest of Takvandring Sverige rooftop hiking in Stockholm tours. As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever done anything interesting tours during your travels? Have you ever gone rooftop hiking anywhere in the world? I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to scroll down and comment below.


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  1. What fun! I’d heard of ‘free running’ which is a darn sight more dangerous than this.
    I wonder if any other cities offer this tour? Paris and Lindon would be cool.

    1. Hi Bex, You’d like this tour a lot. Think of it when you visit Stockholm one day! I never heard of ‘free running.’ Interesting… I am curious to see if any other cities offer such a tour. Europe and its beautiful historic rooftops are a great fit for this concept.

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