Succulent Paris Food Tour: 17th Arrondissement

Succulent Paris took us on an authentic neighborhood food tour through the 17th arrondissement, the perfect stage for a food lover’s journey in Paris.

Succulent Paris Food Tour – 17th Arrondissement

The 17th arrondissement is quintessential Paris – charming, pretty and leafy – but without tourist crowds.  No Eiffel Tower kind of monuments here. All you’ll find at first sight is beautiful Haussmann architecture, lots of locals walking their lovely dogs and an overall bohemian hipster vibe.




Delve closer with Succulent Paris and you’ll be led through its foodie world — full of tastes, aromas, colors and tradition. Walk through markets, discover local food boutiques and learn a bit of history. The 17th arrondissement sets the stage for a food lover’s journey.

The Outdoor Market

Marion, our Succulent Paris guide, knew every corner of the 17th district.  She lived here before moving to the suburbs but still appreciates the thriving food scene that just caters to locals.

First, she walked and talked us through the history of the local street market.






The Merveilleux is Marvelous

The next stop was marvelous, literally.  Marion introduced us to Aux Merveilleux de Fred where they specialized something I can’t believe I went my whole life not eating.


The merveilleux (means marvelous), a delightful cake sandwich of two light meringues welded together with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate shavings. Airy, beautiful and moderately sweet… marvelousness.



French Foodie Boutiques

We also stopped at some chain boutique shops that have made a name in France including Palais Des Thes which specializes in tea and Famille Mary which specializes in incredible honey.

Next we stopped at one of the most important foodie boutiques in any French district: the chocolatier.  In the 17th arrondissement, Marion swore by Laurent Roy.  Chef Roy was there himself to explain his passion for chocolate. It was great to see him at work and to sample his handiwork.



The Batignolles Covered Market

Our last stop was the Batignolles Covered Market known for the range of products sold at honest prices and where we had a few more tastings awaiting us.


The Conclusion: Succulent Paris Food Tour

Succulent Paris has successfully crafted a tour that offers an insider’s look into Parisian food culture.  The 17th arrondissement goes at its own everyday pace as you gain insight into the shops, markets and boutiques that cater to locals.


Along the way you meet talented food artisans and get tastings of French cheese, bread, sweets and more.  Led by a enthusiastic food loving local, the food tour is insightful and delicious!

Succulent Paris 
Succulent Paris has various food tours and culinary classes.
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*Travel Greece, Travel Europe was a guest of Succulent Paris. As always all opinions are my own.

Have you ever taken a food tour around Paris or any European city? Feel free to tell me your foodie tales in the comment boxes below.

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