The London Eye Experience

The London Eye experience isn’t like riding a classic Ferris wheel ride. These fancy – constantly turning – capsules rotate you into the skies above London. 

Why the London Eye

At 443 feet (135 meters) tall, the London Eye stretches your line of sight 25 miles out in every direction over one of Europe’s greatest cities.


The London Eye is not exactly a Ferris wheel. It’s actually the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel which sounds like a very fancy description for a modern age Ferris wheel. Whatever you want to call it, it is worth the spin. It’s just so unique.  As a wheel like structure, it is Europe’s tallest. However, the observation deck known as the Shard supersedes it in height at 804 feet (245 meters) tall.

London Eye experience
View from the London Eye


Since 1999, the London Eye experience has towered in its prime location on the Thames, on the western end of Jubilee Gardens. It’s a sight to approach over what is a fairly flat city.

Built to commemorate the new millennium, it was meant to be a temporary ride representing how time flies.  Today, it is very much still in place and a London landmark. In fact, the London Eye experience is the city’s most popular paid-for attraction.

Love the views!


Riding the London Eye

What I found interesting is that the London Eye is constantly moving — very slowly — at a speed of 26 cm per second, equal to 0.6 miles per hour.  Slow enough to comfortably walk right onto one of the oval 10-tonne, climate controlled passenger capsules. The 32 glass window capsules represent the London Boroughs and each one holds up to 25 people.

Inside the capsule


There are a few benches inside but it’s much more fun to just take in the slowly changing panorama over the city. One revolution takes about 30 minutes.



Conclusion: The London Eye Experience

Yes, it is a touristy thing to do but there’s a reason everyone hops on!  It’s just pure fun and a unique way to enjoy stunning panoramas of London – weather permitting. A must for anyone who loves to shoot photos during their travels.

While the ride may be just a half hour, the wait to get on the ride might be the issue for you if time is of the essence. In that case, you can purchase fast pass tickets (about £10 more per ticket) andyou’re your London Eye experience on a bit quicker. No matter what, it is worth a spin!

A permanent fixture in London: The London Eye


London Eye ticket prices

  • One adult ticket starts at £22.45.
  • Children and seniors have discounted rates.
  • Tickets for disabled guests are available.
  • Capsules can be reserved for private events.
  • For more information, visit: www.londoneye.com

How to Get to the London Eye

Westminster Bridge Road, London, U.K. SE1 7PB; 44-(0)870-5000-600

London Underground station: Waterloo.

Charing Cross, Embankment and Westminster are also near.

*Travel Greece, Travel Europe was a guest of the Coca-Cola London Eye experience for this review. As always, all thoughts are my own.


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  1. It is so pity that I just see the pictures online or on my book about the London Eye!
    Several years ago, I am planning to visit it, but there is some reasons that I did not make it!
    After reading your post, I am more looking forward to go there!
    You just show me so many beautiful pictures and you must have a great fun trip.

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