12 Gorgeous and Romantic Destinations in Greece

The most romantic destinations in Greece are all gorgeous in their own ways and where love is in the air.

The Most Romantic Destinations in Greece

From the islands, the cities to not-so-known places, these romantic destinations in Greece are places for the true romantic at heart.


In the capital of Greece,  a lot of romance can be uncovered among the marble ruins.  It’s also a city surrounded by nature, so if you know where to go – the urban views are breathtaking.

View from Lycabettus Hill

My suggestions are the winding tree lined paths that cross through the greenery of Lycabettus Hill.  The viewing point is stunning – the sea, the Acropolis and the islands.

Romantic Destinations in Greece
View of Lycabettus Hill from the Acropolis

By the Acropolis, head to Aeropagus Hill/Mars Hill, a perfect lookout point over the city with the Acropolis looming large next to you.

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The Athenian Riviera: Cape Sounio

For a unique sea view and one of the best sunsets in the city, head south of Athens to the Athenian Riviera’s Cape Sounio. Here the Temple of Poseidon stands at has for millennia. The ancient Greeks dedicated the structure to the god of the sea and built it on a rocky cliff high above the Aegean.

The poet Lord Byron, a leading writer during the Romantic Movement, apparently loved this spot so much he is said to have left his signature on one of the marbled columns.

For more on touring this part of Athens, visit my post Tour Cape Sounio and the Athens Riviera.


Another one of my picks for the most romantic destinations in Greece is this little Saronic island, which happens to be one of the closest to Athens. Hydra has one of the most picture perfect ports in Greece.

No cars are scooters are permitted here – donkeys are the capable transporters. In Hydra, there’s peace and quiet. The atmosphere is simple, natural, traditional and super romantic.

For more on what to do on Hydra, check out my Hydra page.


Greece’s top destination for weddings and honeymoons is no doubt one of the most romantic destinations in Greece. The whitewashed homes and churches crown and tumble down its rocky cliffs, all with a view of the sunken caldera that is just stunning. There’s no place in the world like Santorini and the sunsets are incredible.

Photo courtesy of TripinView

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The other top destination for lovers in Greece? Of course, Mykonos.  Besides enjoying the party atmosphere, it’s the place for couples to unwind with the best accommodation, fine dining and luxury services.

View from the super romantic, five-star Grecotel Mykonos Blu Resort

Not only is Mykonos blessed with some amazing beaches, its main town called Mykonos Town is the place to hold hands with your significant other and simply get “lost” in.

For more on what do do on Mykonos, check out my Mykonos page.


Looking for a more off-the-beaten track Greek island that has a beautiful history of romance? Head to Milos. The Aphrodite of Milos sculpture, also known as the Venus de Milo, dates back to 150 B.C. and was discovered in Milos in the 19th century. This work of art representing the goddess of love and beauty is admired by thousands every day in the Louvre in Paris.

Romantic Destinations in Greece.
Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

The romantic ancient history of Milos is one thing, but the actual destination is another and for sure, Milos’ beauty will not disappoint. The island is ringed with some stunning and unique beaches that you can likely enjoy without crowds you’d encounter on more popular islands.

For more about what to do on Milos, check out my Milos page.


You don’t need to go to the islands to feel the romance. Another one of the most romantic destinations in Greece is Pelion. Boasting lush mountains and a beautiful coastline, this peninsula in central Greece is a year-round destination. This region is known for its atmospheric mountain villages complete with incredible panoramic views and quaint cobbled walking paths.

There are cozy places too reserve in cooler months and beachside hotels to relax in warmer months. Plus, the famous Damouhari Beach is here – the “Dancing Queen” scene of the romantic comedy movie Mama Mia (2008) starring Meryl Streep.

For more about Pelion, check out my earlier post Top 20 Things to Do in Pelion.


When I think of a uniquely romantic scene I’ve just adored during my travels across Greece, I think of the sea view in Edipsos from the Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel on Evia island.  Sitting among the hot rocks that flow with thermal waters with the expanse of the sea before me, I felt like I was dropped on another planet. I felt like I landed on some fantastic moon – it was so beautiful.

For more on the stay at Thermae Sylla, visit my page about Evia.


Greece’s second largest city is known among Greeks as “the city of love.” With the longest boardwalk in Europe, famous sunsets and a reputation for its fine and modern art, Thessaloniki is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.


This destination in central Greece can be described, like Santorini, as out of this world. Meteora is a natural, historic and spiritual wonder where historic monasteries were built on the sky-high peaks of incredible rock formations. Ever heard of that? It exists and its jaw dropping.

While I was visiting, local guides said there has been an increase in folks tying the knot atop the limestone peaks.

For more on travel to Meteora in central Greece, visit my post Sunset Meteora Tour. A tour that can be very romantic indeed!


I had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic North Aegean island last year and – by the way – it is perfectly safe to visit.

Lesbos has deep romantic roots as the birthplace of the famous ancient Greek poet named Sappho. She was of superstar artistic status during her time, known for her romantic writing that is said to celebrate beautiful women.

Much is yet to be discovered about Sappho and her life, but one thing is for sure her lyric poetry was inspired by her island surroundings, and how could they not?! Lesbos is beautiful.

For more about Lesbos and what to see and do, visit my page about Lesbos island.


One very special destination in Greece that certainly qualifies as super romantic is Naxos.  The island has a special energy that is hard to explain.

There is something special about the unique archaeological site called the Portara, the ancient doorway to nowhere, which sits on an islet off the harbor. There’s also something special about the island’s lush landscape and its stunning main town of cobbled lanes and castle walls.

I absolutely loved the village of Chalki which I am convinced is one of the loveliest island villages on the Greek islands. Naxos is a truly romantic destination in Greece to discover.

Top Romantic Destinations in Greece

This list sums up the places I’ve been that fit the bill as some of the most romantic destinations in Greece.  I haven’t been everywhere so if there’s a place you’d like to suggest to Travel Greece, Travel Europe followers – please scroll down and let them know.

Or, maybe you agree that my picks are some of the most romantic?  I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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  1. Marissa Greece is full of beautiful destinations. And because they are so beautiful they are also romantic if you are with the right person. And if not, you can still enjoy them. One of my favorite spots is Kalabryta in Peloponnese. Have you ever been there?

    1. Kalimera Mary! Oh, so well put. My post could go on forever. Greece is beautiful as we know well 😉 So, no I have not been to Kalavryta yet. I’m sure it is amazing and of course, I will go one day!! What do you like most about Kalavryta so I may keep it in mind?

  2. Nice post about romantic destinations. I would add Kefalonia which has really scenic places and other Kyklades besides the well known ones. There are too many nice places to visit in Greece! Your article could go on forever!

    1. Hi Theo, Thanks for your comments. Kefalonia has some lovely places indeed. I do like Petani Bay but I think I need to spend more time and explore the island more. It is a big island! Lots to see there. I agree the smaller Cyclades are very lovely too. There are many more I’d like to visit.

  3. I’d love to visit Santorini and Mykonos but some of the lesser known islands you’ve featured look beautiful! Will be in touch for tips if I do come over

    1. Hi Suze, Oh, there are so many islands to explore. My Greek island bucket list is still pretty full. Definitely Santorini & Mykonos for the luxury vibe you seek. The lesser known ones are gorgeous too. Yes, be in touch. You’ve got a friend here!!

  4. Great post! Florence is a beautiful and amazing romantic city. I’m also thinking of doing almost this exact trip very shortly with my family. Do you think rail pass is a good option?

  5. I love Greece, and particularly Chania. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy good weather and amazing food all year round. The beaches are nothing short of amazing, either. I’d say Chania Town is yet another romantic destination in Greece.

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