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What to do on a Dubai stop-over

Dubai. A land of wonderment; a place of exciting contradictions. Soaring skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, massive malls, state-of-the-art theme parks, picturesque souks and high-speed highways amidst vast expanses of desert and sand dunes. Dubai is a destination that never fails to impress, and is a must visit for every savvy traveller at least once in their lifetime. If you plan to visit Dubai for a stop-over or a stay, a Dubai tourist visa is required. Make sure you check how to get your Dubai visa online, to avoid any hassle.

Dubai Marina

What to do on a Dubai stop-over: List of Activities and Tours

Once you obtain your Dubai tourist visa online, you can be sure to be set for your adventure in Dubai. Because it will be an adventure and an eye-opener, providing you with visuals that exist nowhere else in the world. Dubai is a paragon of technological advance, and the best example of creating a riveting world out of fairly limited natural resources. The natural wealth of Dubai comes mostly from oil reserves, so its affluence is somewhat understandable. However, what Dubaians have accomplished is hands down astounding. It is highly recommended that you do stay in Dubai in order to fully experience its undeniable and diverse charm, however, it is a popular stop-over destination too as it is quite well connected. If you find yourselves there only for two days, then here are some things you can see and do, that will give you a taste of this exciting city.

Dubai Mall

With two days to spend in Dubai, then the Dubai Mall is one of the top things to experience. Not just another mall, Dubai Mall is considered to be an actual attraction of Dubai city. It is the largest and most luxurious of all them all. From haute-couture, designer houses to high-street brands, Dubai Mall has it all. And not just shopping! There you will also find many fine dining options as well as casual eateries, plus an actual ski slope and ice rink, the fantastic Dubai Aquarium and a dancing fountain that puts on a show are only some of the sensational highlights of the Dubai Mall. The shopping deals here are many, so allow for plenty of time in order to navigate through the Mall, since there are literally countless outlets to browse.

Dubai Canal

As for the rest of the top attractions to see in Dubai across two days, you can pick and choose which of the following is more appealing. For those who find the desert intriguing, then a Red Dunes Safari is just the thing. So much fun to be had sand boarding and riding a camel while be sure to try the BBQ options for sampling the local flavours and culture. A Dhow Boat Cruise is an evening excursion, and dinner cruise on the canal. The visuals of the Dubaian skyline are incredible. The Dubai Marina is also one to check out, and it is recommended you do so in the morning hours. Alternatively, you could try a speed boat tour that will reveal some other attractions from a distance, including the aforementioned Dubai Marina, the Atlantis Hotel and of course the iconic Burj Al Arab, as well as the artificial island of the Palm Jumeirah.

Old Dubai

For unwinding in a serene spot, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a beautiful attraction whose focus is, well, flowers. Featuring 45 different species, you can admire the unique installations and arrangements amidst a soothing environment. For insane panoramic views of Dubai Creek, be sure to check out the Dubai Frame and head on over to its 48th floor to be blown away. Of course, no visit to Dubai is complete without getting a taste of the Souk, the traditional market of Dubai.

Dubai is a great city to visit and you can do that either on a stop-over to your next destination, or even better spend at least 7-days in Dubai. Have you been to Dubai? 

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