Travel Tips: What Happens if your holiday is cancelled

Family holidays, for most of us, our favourite part of the year. The kids get to run around screaming, making friends, diving into the pool and most importantly, tiring themselves out. Mum gets to lie on the sunbed, absorbing sunlight, topping up her tan and relaxing for the first time in weeks. Dad gets to drink beer all day with the other dads, get overly competitive in pool volleyball games and eat as much all you can eat food as he wants without being shouted at. At the end of the day the mix of worn out kids and relaxed parents leads to some great family bonding time. Then the kids go to bed and parents get to enjoy some precious adult time to themselves.

If you have a family holiday booked, I bet you are counting down the hours until you get to take that first step off the plane, you know the one, the one where you get blasted in the face by that holiday heat. That blast of heat blows away the stress and cobwebs of herding the family through the airport and dealing with them throughout the long flight.

With recent news surrounding Thomas Cook and the hundreds of family holidays that have been cancelled however, you may be worrying about what happens if your holiday is cancelled. It may be a good idea to make sure you are up to scratch on your rights and what to do if this happens. There is some great information found online, so if you are looking to make sure you are prepared, a great place to start is the Creditfix website.

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